Segal Ad Hoc Committee

Original Members
  • Beth Friend, County Commissioner
  • Larry Inman, County Commissioner
  • Cathy Jones, Chief Financial Officer / Vice President of Finance and Administration, NMC
  • Christine Maxbauer, County Commissioner
  • Paula Sagala, Human Resources and Organizational Development Consultant
  • Elizabeth Sayre-King, President and Chief Executive Officer, Professional Solutions Plus
  • Jennifer Seman, County Human Resources Director
  • Kay Serratelli, [Retired] Compensation Manager, Dow Chemical Company
  • Michael Stepka, County Commissioner
Final Members
Following 3 initial meetings, the Committee voted unanimously on April 23, 2010, to continue with only the following 4 committee members: 
  • Cathy Jones
  • Paula Sagala
  • Elizabeth Sayre-King
  • Kay Serratelli
This action was supported by the Board of Commissioners at their April 28, 2010 meeting.
On February 24, 2010, the Board of Commissioners appointed an Ad Hoc Committee to evaluate the validity of the Segal Wage and Benefits Study performed for the County.

The Committee presented its final findings to the Board of Commissioners on June 2, 2010, at the Health and Safety Committee meeting.